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Kiev, st. Academician Zabolotny, 1 Show on map
  • 3 Buildings
  • 2.7 Сeiling height, m
  • 22 Floors
  • 2857 apartments
  • 2020 - I ч.⠀ 2021 - II ч. Commissioning year


Our planning solutions are ergonomic and well arranged.
At the stage of the apartment designing, we conceive to accommodate all the necessary furniture, before walls construction.

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  • In the ecosphere, "Metropolis" harmoniously combines the advantages and comfort of the city and the tranquility of the natural zone of Golosiivskyi Forest. If it is important for you to live closer to nature, without impairment of belonging to city, Metrop

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  • Residential complex Ecosphere Metropolis is a ideal place both for pedestrians and cars owners. It takes only 20 minutes to reach city center in a comfortable way for its citizens: by subway from "Teremky" station or convenient highway junction.

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  • You planning addition in family? At least a few educational institutions will be located near. Such as 6 kindergartens, 3 schools and the building of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

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  • All the commodities for chilling from the city hustle are also near. Karting, Riding School, Expocentre VDNKh, Golosiivskyi Forest - entertainment for everyone are at arm’s length. In addition, it takes only 10 minutes by car from Ecosphere Metropolis to

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  • December 2018
  • November 2018
  • October 2018
  • September 2018
  • August 2018
  • July 2018
  • June 2018
  • May 2018
  • April 2018
  • March 2018
  • February 2018
  • January 2018
  • December 2017
  • November 2017
  • October 2017
  • 25 December, 2018

    December 2018

    The monolithic frame is being arranged on the 22th floor. We proceed masonry work on the 10-17 th floors. The concrete-steel constructions (stair flights) are installed from 17th to 20th floors Read more

  • 25 November, 2018

    November 2018

    The fall comes to an end and we are ready to welcome winter with good news from Metropolis Ecosphere Read more

  • 25 October, 2018

    October 2018

    We’ve made great job in October in order to proudly present to you the status of completed construction works in the Metropolis Ecosphere Read more

  • 25 September, 2018

    September 2018

    There was a lot of great news on the Ecosphere Metropolis construction site in September. Here is the detailed description of the status of construction work Read more

  • 25 August, 2018

    August 2018

    The August shows us great results of the building process on the construction site of Metropolis Ecosphere. You may find the detailed status here Read more

  • 25 July, 2018

    July 2018

    The preparation works for the vertical constructions installation on the 11th floor. The bricks are layed on the 5th floor. Read more

  • 25 June, 2018

    June 2018

    The vertical constructions installation on the 7th floor is on its final stage. We are also installing the flooring panel on this floor. The bricklaying process on the 2nd floor has begun. Read more

  • 25 May, 2018

    May 2018

    The flooring panel is being installed on the 5th floor. And the vertical constructions installation on the 6th floor. Read more

  • 25 April, 2018

    April 2018

    The vertical constructions are installed on the 4th floor. Read more

  • 25 March, 2018

    March 2018

    House 1. The part of the flooring panel of the 2nd floor is installed. The waterproofing finishing is completed. The preparation for the soil backfilling process. Read more

  • 25 February, 2018

    February 2018

    House 1. The flooring panel is installed on the level +0.000 (half of the ground floor). The vertical constructions installation process on the 1st floor. Read more

  • 25 January, 2018

    January 2018

    House 1 The monolithic works of the vertical structures of the basement are finalizing. The monolithic works of the flooring installation on the level 0.000 are made. Read more

  • 25 December, 2017

    December 2017

    The foundation panel of the House 1 is installed. The vertical constructions installation on the -1st floor on the level (-3.300) has begun. Read more

  • 25 November, 2017

    November 2017

    During October and November at the construction site of the Metropolis, a set of works was carried out in the field of the planning of soil masses and compaction of the foundation pit. Read more

  • 25 October, 2017

    October 2017

    The tower crane is installed. The pile field is arranged. Preparatory work on the foundation plate is being carried out. Read more

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  • 25.01.2018
  • 25.12.2017
  • 25.11.2017
  • 25.10.2017
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