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25 October 2018

October 2018

We’ve made great job in October in order to proudly present to you the status of completed construction works in the Metropolis Ecosphere:

House 1️
We are installing the flooring panel on the 19th floor.
We are preparing for the installation process of vertical structures on the 20th floor. The bricklaying on the 11th floor is almost completed.

House 2 Section 1
The bricklaying process is on the final stage. And the windows installation has begun.

House 2 Section 2
We are finalizing the flooring panel installation on the 13th floor. The windows installation has begun.
The bricklaying is completed up to 7th floor.
The bricks are purchased and delivered to the construction site for the next steps of the bricklaying on the 9th floor.
House 3 The preparation ground works in the pits are in process

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