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07 March 2019

Construction progress for February 2019

Section 1

House number 1

Finished work on the device monolithic frame on the 22nd floor Carry out masonry work from the 16th to the 19th floor Works on the installation of precast concrete structures (staircases) on the 22nd floor were completed.

House 2  Masonry work completed Works on the manufacture and installation of windows from 3 to 5 floor.

Section 2

Work is underway on the installation of a monolithic frame on floors 20-21. Carry out masonry work from the 7th to the 12th floor Installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures (flight of stairs) from floor 16 to floor 21 is in progress.

The House 3 Section 3.1 Pile test completed Section 3.2 Completed work on the device pile field Works on the device of reinforced concrete structures of foundations Section 3.3. Works on the device of the reinforced concrete structures of the basement

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